1.  When is the next township meeting?
The Township board meets the 2nd Monday of each month at 7:30 pm. 

2.  Whom do I call for a burn permit? 
Call  269-686-5222, on the day you are going to burn.  There is no fee for a burn permit.  You will receive verbal approval, unless weather and dryness conditions prohibit safe burning. 

3.  Where is the Township Transfer Station (dump) and what are the hours of operation?
It is located on 55th Street between 102nd and 104th. 
The hours of operation are Saturdays and Sundays between the hours of 9 am and 3 pm. Remember recycling (newspaper, shredded paper, cardboard, magazines, clean glass/plastic/cans) is free.

4.  What is the cost to use the Transfer Station (dump)?
The cost depends on the items.  Look on the Transfer Station page or talk to the Transfer Station Operator.

5.  Where can I take recyclables?
Take items such as newspapers, magazines, broken down cardboard, clean plastic, tin and glass to the Transfer Station.

6.  Where do I vote?
For answers regarding voting, see the Clerk  or Michigan Voter Information Center page at www.michigan.gov.

7. Who do I call for an absentee ballot?
The clerk can answer your questions about absentee ballot.

8. Where is the Township Cemetery and what is the burial cost?
The Cemetery is located on 105th Ave and 52nd Street.  The township sexton can answer questions on the cost of burial. (See the Cemetery Page)

9. Who do I talk to if I want to buy a burial plot?
Call the Cemetery Sexton Mike Curley at 269-236-5785

10. Do I need a building permit to make repairs inside my home?
The Building Inspector can answer your question (check the Building Inspector’s page)

11.  What is a Principal Residence Exemption (P.R.E.) and when will I need one?
Starting in 1994 properties which qualified as “homesteads (principal residence) or qualified agricultural property we exempt from some school operation taxes (usually 18 mills). You will only need to complete this form once, when you change your principal residence (new homeowners) and it is due by May 1st prior to the tax year requesting the exemption. The form can be found on the Forms page.

12. Where can I get a split application?
A split application is needed to divide property or when selling a portion of property.  The application can be picked up at the Township Office or it can be downloaded from the Forms page.  If you have questions regarding whether property can be split, contact the Assessor.

13. Who qualifies for a Deferment and where can I get an application?
Homeowners and Agricultural producers (summer tax only) may request a deferment of interest and penalty on tax payments until April 30th. You must meet the following qualifications: Age, permanently disabled/blind, income level.  Check information on Forms page.

14. Who do I call if I have questions regarding paying property taxes?

Contact the Treasurer with questions regarding paying property taxes.

15.  Where do I get a dog license?  How much does it cost?
A dog license is available through Allegan County Treasurer  www.allegancounty.org.   You may do this via mail.  Dog licenses are not available directly from the township office, although you may pick up an application for a dog license at the township office.

16. Is there a township Newsletter?
Yes, the Township Newsletter (Lee Crossings) is published three times a year by enthusiastic volunteers.  The newsletter will be available online.